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Rigitta is a 2005 Lipizzan mare,(Pluto II Dixana x Rheia), that I finally found Dec 2010 after a 2 year search for a Lipizzan. Many adventures and new found friends later, Rigitta and I begin our partnership and eventual dressage competitive career. Rigitta has not been started yet so this will all be from scratch just like my 2007 Dutch Warmblood, Cedar(Theo), has been. I am an over 50 Adult Amateur Dressage competitor. I am a supporter of the Nokota Horse and have owned several. ... www.nokotahorse.org ... Amy Dragoo is helping me with my Blog photos. Majority are from her. ... AK Dragoo Photography, LLC ... www.akdragoophoto.com ... You can follow her Blog here: http://akdragoophoto.squarespace.com/view-all-posts/ ... Also a shout out to Sarah Casey and Waltzing Horse Farm Berlin, New York where I got Rigitta ... http://www.waltzinghorsefarm.com/ ... Make sure you click on "older posts" at the bottom of the page to see everything that has been happening since the beginning of the adventure!

Monday, January 3, 2011

All good with Rigitta.  ground is still bad so I still can't lunge But she is wearing a saddle and bridle in the barn and I can go over her with noisy plastic bags.
Today was day 2 with the noisy plastic bags and that went lots better.  I was swinging them at her all over, while she poked in my pocket for treats.
Had great acceptance of the bridle today.  She took the bit 2 times like a lady. 
She is a total love bug and eats up all the attention.  When I leave her stall she always pushes her nose out to say come back! 
She is fun to work on the rope. I can now move her all around by wiggling my fingers at her shoulder, side or hip all on a loose rope.  She hasn't plowed into me with her shoulder since the first week.  When she is startled by something I am introducing her too, my corrections with the rope keep getting softer as she is really, really understanding my hand signals and the vibrations on the rope.  I no longer have to have any tension on the rope.  She totally knows that if anything really fightened her she is allowed to "escape" and will not be trapped.  That is so important for horse trust that they know that they would be allowed to "flight".
I call her my watch horse as she doesn't miss anything when she is turned out...always on watch and attentive to anything going on in or outside the pasture.
Am going to keep on with the plastic bags for another week until all the flinching stops and then will move to a small tarp and then the milk bottles with gravel for a week then I can hang things off of a surcingle and she can wear it all in her stall.

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