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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Clip, Clip, Clip

Nice weekend here with the sun out and a bit warmer.  Weekends give me time for 2 sessions a day with my little snow fairy.  I can review all the previous lessons and introduce new things in 2 short sessions.  This weekend being the clippers and accepting more weight over her back.

I started with the small clippers and as expected she was not thrilled at the sudden noise when I turned them on but was able to run them all over her body.  Did not like the vibration on her legs at all and too ticklish on her ears and nose but by second session in the evening I was able to trim her front fetlocks, her jaw and some of her nose.  But I think she is so ticklish that I won't torture her as she is happy to have her nose trimmed with the small flip razors.  If I need to trim her ears then a little ace I think.  But I left that alone for now.  I noticed for first time she has those white fungus spots in her ears so will need to discuss with vet later in month when annual vaccinations are done.

Putting more weight over her back is fairly uneventful except when I go too heavy she moves around a bit to adjust her balance.  I can stand on the top of the tall mounting block and lay a leg over her and thump her a bit on the other side with no issues and I even make sure I thump her butt with my heel as I take my leg back over her.  I am doing this from both sides.  This morning I tried something different just for something to do and used a long straw bale instead of the mounting block.  I laid my leg over her and asked her too move a few steps forward with a cluck and tap with my foot. that worked fine and then asked her to back up with a slight tug on the rope and the word back.  That was fine too.

Can you tell I am bored and will try anything for some variety?  

The bridling is fine but I am not happy with the fit of the bridle I am using, need to rethink that.

She is ready to be lunged and long lined.  I can tell by her relaxation that she could 'get to work'  if  I had somewhere with good footing.  There is a feel that you get when you know they are ready to just get on with it. Will have to just keep reviewing everything in the barn until the spring thaw!

Her stall anxiety has almost disapeared.  It just occured to me this morning that she is bouncing around less waiting to go out and instead just pressing her nose to the bars.  This has been a big change in her relaxation  and it seemed to happen over night.  Since she sorted out Theo to the back of the bus so she can come in first at night, all that anxiety has gone away.

I have added another clinic to her schedule this year.  July 8-10 for three days  with Andreas Hausberger, Chief Rider of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna at waltzing Horse Farm, Berlin, New York.

Below Theo is practising his handstand to impress Gitta who looks bored with the whole thing.
Photo credit Amy Dragoo.

Theo is getting a work over this weekend so he doesn't feel left out.  Gitta is the new kid on the block, but Theo needs attention too.  He will be 4  April 1st and over the winter has gotten a bit taller and wider...yes he has more of a chest now.  Very elegant young horse  He is getting more bone all over and his head is looking more like his daddy Rampal.  Theo pics below:

Cody got a trim and a fresh roach to his mane.  He is really bored having to be in the paddock with the donkeys and not getting enough exercise.  But I can not trust him to be out with the other two and they fight over the fence if I use the top field even with the electric on.  Cody makes it tough on him self though he can't help himself.  Once he goes off to his new job in the spring he will be much happier.  Cody pics below.
First Photo Credit goes to Susan Stickle at HoofPrints Photography.  Second Photo Credit goes to Pics of You.

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